As of May 1, 2021 the Nonpayment fees are changing:

Nonpayment fees for 1st time disconnected is $50.00
Nonpayment fees for 2nd time disconnected is $75.00
Nonpayment fees for 3rd time disconnected is $100.00
The Nonpayment fees will be $100.00 until 12 consecutive water bills have been paid in full.

Lakeside Water District operates under State and Federal EPA laws and is governed by the ordinances of the District.  The following is a brief list of common District / Customer issues.  State and Federal law as well as District Ordinances constitute the actual “Rules & Regulations” of the District.


1.  The District ordinances and Federal law prohibit anyone other than district personnel to open water meter wells or equipment for any purpose, and imposes a fine for this violation, with possible criminal legal action.  This is for customer safety and to prevent damage to district property.  If you need the water shut off at your meter, you must contact the water district.  If you routinely need your water shut off, please contact your plumber to install a shut off valve in your service line.


2.  The district ordinances prohibit building or landscaping too close to water service equipment as to impede access for repairs or inspections.  Driveways or construction is prohibited over water services.  Please provide a safe environment for district employee access.


3.  All customer bills are processed around the end of the month.  The bill is for the previous month’s service.  All bills are due by the 15th of the month.  Bills received in the office after closing of the 15thwill receive the late penalty. Failure to receive a bill does not relieve customer of liability to pay or applied late fee.


4.  Any district service having an outstanding bill against it will not be reinstated until the balance is paid in full.


5.  The after-hours emergency contact is for water emergencies only.  No billing information is available.  If there is no immediate answer, leave a message, Lakeside personnel will return your call.


6.  According to Illinois Law, prior to digging or excavating, J.U.L.I.E. (811) must be contacted so the appropriate utilities are informed to locate their lines.


7.  Those who come into the office to pay a water bill should wait for a receipt.  Due to privacy concerns, only people whose name's are on the account will receive a receipt.  A drop box is located in the East door for your convenience.


8.  When a Boil Order is issued for any of Lakeside Water District’s customers, the local radio stations (WCIL and WOOZ), television station (WSIL 3), and newspaper (Southern Illinoisan) are notified.  Although Boil Water Order signs are not required and we cannot place one on every street or road, we attempt to display them at the entrance of any affected area.


9.  Any removal or relocation of water meters or district equipment or lines is prohibited by anyone other than District personnel.


10.  Lakeside Water District reserves the right to charge the customerfor a service call at applicable rates when the district is not at fault.


11.  When a property is sold, the new owner is required to put the services in their name and pay all applicable fees.  The district may require proper paperwork (Title work, abstract, etc.) be presented to prove the transfer of ownership.


12.  Customer requesting a new service is required to grant an easement to the Water District for district access to equipment.


13.  Lakeside Water District has been made aware of a water monitoring device called the “Flume Smart Home Water Monitor” This device allows water customers to monitor their usage down to the minute and be provided with leak detection and usage.  Customer installation of these devices would violate #1 above as they need to be installed in the meter pit next to the water meter. In an effort to provide the best service to our customers if you wish to install one of these devices, contact the office to schedule for one of our technicians to assist in the install.  You can get more information on the Flume water monitoring system at then can be purchased directly or from Amazon. 



 August 18th, 2022



 Has LIFTED a boil water order due to construction work in the district.

 The boil water order effects the following streets:



Cardinal Rd. North of East Clayton & West Strawberry on Cardinal Rd.

McFarland Lane, Laurelwood Lane, Ross Lane, 

Honalee Hills Lane, Rolling Meadows Lane, 

Harold Lane, & Cardinal Road.     

 Special considerations located in the affected area 

(Hospitals, restaurants, schools, nursing homes, factories, etc.):


 Anticipated duration of the boil order:


 If you are interested in receiving an email bill and/or text message alerts for boil orders

please contact the office at



We will need your name, address, phone number, account ID, and email address, for boil order text messaging we will need the name of your phone company.   

If you have any questions, please let us know.


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